NYHED 13.09.2023

Inspiration: New collection of case stories of solving complex societal problems

Some of the most acute and urgent issues in society today are also the most complex to solve. They typically cannot be solved by one or two parties alone, but require that many actors join forces across disciplines, functions, and sectors in binding and long-term collaborations.

In a new collection of Danish case stories, the philanthropic association Realdania, together with several other societal actors, focuses on this type of system-changing collaboration. The publication delves into seven specific cases dealing with, among other things: climate, development of sparsely populated areas, prevention of burglary, and social inclusion. Through concrete descriptions and testimonies from the many stakeholders who have been part of the partnership or collaboration, the projects’ organization, work process, challenges, victories, and results are highlighted. All to inspire others working with today’s complex issues.

Since 2014, Realdania has been purposefully implementing the collective impact method, drawing inspiration from the USA. This effort has culminated in the collection of case stories, written for Realdania by SUS.

While this method is well-established and widely used in the USA, it remains relatively new in a European context. In 2014, Realdania was among the pioneers in adopting this method in a European context.

A number of foundations and other actors in society have worked with all or part of the cooperation method, and the seven cases in the publication are for that reason very different.