SUS – an Award-Winning User Driven Innovation Agency for Social Good

We develop and facilitate new innovative social solutions by working closely together with citizens and professionals.

We design, test and scale new solutions to society’s most complex and wicked problems. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for people who find themselves in socially vulnable positions and to change society and its welfare institutions for the better. We believe that large-scale change is possible when involving both citizens, professionals, organisations and institutions in engaging in developing processes towards innovation and transformation.

Our approaches and strategies vary, but we always strive to create lasting changes for the affected groups by strengthening the quality and efficiency of the systems surrounding them.

We work across different disciplines and sectors, create results by combining knowledge, curiosity and the courage to experiment and cooperate with a broad network of organisations, municipalities, ministries and foundations.

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Examples of Our Work

Improving Small Children's Life Chances

Improving Small Children's Life Chances

Children on Bornholm more frequently grow up with a vulnerable family background than children in Denmark overall. This have consequences throughout the children’s lives.

The ambitious large-scale program “The Small Childen’s Bornholm” aims to restructure efforts and intensify collaboration internally and externally to provide focused support to Bornholm’s children and families in the early years.

The Small Children's Bornholm
Award-Winning Initiative for Vulnerable Youth

Award-Winning Initiative for Vulnerable Youth

“Energy for Each Other” is an award-winning project that introduces a completely new approach in education and employment initiatives for vulnerable youth in Esbjerg.

The project shifts the focus from mere education and employment to incorporating relationships, life skills, and hobbies. Most importantly, the new focus places the young people’s own experiences at the center.

Energy for Each Other
A Path for Everyone

A Path for Everyone

“A Path for Everyone” is a partnership for and with youth. It was established with the goal of inspiring the Danish government’s Reform Commission with innovative solutions that can create new paths for the over 47,000 young people currently without jobs and education.

The partnership aims to pave new and overlooked paths to education, employment, and communities, with the experiences and knowledge of young people at its core.

A Path for Everyone

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